Technilaw was established as a National Corporation in 1987 by a group of Safety Professionals who identified the need for further skills development. Subsequent to due process, we qualified for accreditation in terms of the Skills and Development Act as a private Further Education and Training Institution.

Technilaw, with its supporting outcomes based S H E training programs and consultancy services, provides management with the essential support necessary in order to survive the radical changes ahead. Current legislation places an obligation on all employers to implement and maintain an S H E system at each workplace and to have access to a source of competent health and safety advice

Bearing in mind the current commercial environment, more and more companies are utilizing consultancy services. This practice is growing in popularity throughout the country due to cost effectiveness, together with the benefit of having a professional person in charge of your Occupational Health and Safety which is a legal requirement dictated by the Act. We at Technilaw already supply a consultancy service to a diverse range of companies in all 9 provinces, having successfully implemented systems of compliance within these companies.